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Wimborne IT Managed Services

Wimborne IT Managed Services

Our managed service offers proactive support and monitoring of computers, servers, networks and cloud based systems. The service is suitable for all business budgets and can be fully customised to suite your business IT requirements.

Managed services are broken down into 6 main areas:


System analysis

When it comes to IT systems there is no such thing as a typical Wimborne business and it’s for this reason we perform an analysis of IT infrastructure and the demands required from it. It’s important that we fully understand the environment that requires management

System Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring helps minimise down time by watching out for any early indications of possible issues. Any issues that arise will normally be resolved as part of our support agreement with the client.

Proactive monitoring considerably reduces unexpected downtime for Wimborne businesses

System Security

Every day new IT security issues are exposed and unless monitored and updated systems can become vulnerable, exposing company data and resources to hackers and viruses.


Software Updates

Regular updates of software and firmware to patch security bugs.


AntiVirus, Malware & Spyware

Antivirus software needs to be correctly configured, updated and monitored to ensure it remains effective.


Best Practice

NetResponse follow ‘Best Practice’ guidelines from software vendors and hardware manufacturers to help minimise the chance of security breaches.



As part of our managed IT service we monitor backup reports to ensure backups are running to schedule. We also perform regular restores to check that the backup is working as expected and data can be restored successfully.



Regular and easy to understand reports on the current status of systems.


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