Support for Business Cloud Services

Cloud Support Services

The expansion of cloud based business services has been increasing rapidly, with many SME’s taking advantage of the reduced costs and increased features that the cloud can offer. One of the main problems for businesses is the sheer volume of cloud providers seemingly offering the same services at very different prices. NetResponse has been working with the cloud for a number of years and we know what to look out for in a Cloud service and how to avoid costly mistakes when choosing a provider.

Another common problem that businesses face when using a cloud service is the setup and configuration of the service. Our cloud support engineers have experience with many different services and have the skills necessary to get your business working in the cloud.

The cloud is generally far more reliable than traditional in house systems, but things still go wrong on occasion. Sometimes this is due to incorrect configuration by the client or a problem with the actual service provider. NetResponse are happy to work on your behalf to resolve issues with the cloud service provider and we can often immediately fix issues that are down to setup issues without having to contact the service provider.

We can help

  • Setup and Configuration of Cloud services
  • Support for hosted servers and applications
  • Support hosted Email and SPAM
  • Support hosted VOIP phone systems
  • General guidance on requirements and providers


If you have a business and don’t know what the cloud is or how it can help your business, give us a call and we will be more than happy to explain how the Cloud is helping small business reduce costs and increase productivity