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Dorchester Disaster Recovery Service for Business

Dorchester Disaster Recovery

In the event of a fire, burglary, flood or other extreme event that destroys critical business systems a trusted Disaster Recovery strategy can save a business from ruin.

Many businesses mistakenly believe that having a reliable backup solution is sufficient, but data can’t be restored if your servers have been destroyed? A backup is only part of a good Disaster Recovery plan.

The increased availability of low cost Cloud services combined with reliable virtualisation technology has made Disaster Recovery (DR) a cost effective reality for small and medium sized businesses in Dorchester.

At NetResponse we can help your Dorchester business implement an effective DR strategy by working in the following areas:

  1. Data Assessment – determining data classification e.g. high value data and non-critical
  2. Implementation – design and configure the systems to be used in the event of DR
  3. Business Contingency Plan – What processes happen in the event of a disaster
  4. Disaster Recovery Plan – How are DR system brought online and accessed
  5. Testing – Ensure that DR systems, applications come online and data is accessible as planned
  6. Monitoring & Maintenance – Systems are always changing and DR needs to reflect these changes

Hopefully you will never need to implement a DR plan but if the worst does happen having a plan in place could save your business.

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