Cloud AntiVirus Protection | Hosted AntiVirus Solutions

Anti-Virus Protection

Cloud antivirus offers the same complete protection for your business that a traditional anti-virus program offers but it provides additional benefits and value.

In order for an anti-virus solution to be effective it is essential that it is kept up to date and all end points are well managed and monitored. This is achieved with a cloud system using a single management interface that allows configuration, deployment and reporting.

Hosted anti-virus protection solution

  • Our cloud based anti-virus solution is suitable for one or two clients or many thousands.
  • Security for Window’s servers \ clients and Apple Mac systems
  • Quickly deploy protection to endpoints within in minutes
  • Default configuration offers protection and performance
  • Low monthly cost with no hidden charges
  • No long term contract

A computer virus can bring an IT infrastructure to its knees very rapidly and can take days or even weeks to recover.