Dorchester Telephone Systems

Making phone calls over the internet (VOIP) rather than on traditional telephone lines offers small and medium sized businesses enterprise class features and benefits at highly competitive rates.

IP PBX Benefits

Significant savings on all call types. Save up to 80%
Enterprise class features
Integration with applications and databases
Secure, reliable and simple to use
Work with current network infrastructure
Easily monitor all calls and costs
Keep you current phone number(s)

NetResponse offers 3 types of phone systems in Dorchester, all of which are scalable, feature rich and offer great value.

Cloud based (hosted)

A cloud based phone system is hosted in the cloud and is the fastest growing type of phone system used by SMEs. It is the quickest solution to deploy with minimal maintenance and low initial setup costs. All that’s required is an internet connection and a VOIP phone or computer for a ‘soft’ phone.


PBX Hardware (On-premise)

Our modern hardware IP PBX devices are small (about the size of broadband router) and provide all the features of traditional phone systems used by large corporations. Although the initial setup costs are greater compared to a hosted solution most businesses will find they benefit from longer term savings.


Software PBX (On-premise)

A software PBX can be installed on a Windows computer (server or desktop) and functions in much the same way as a hardware PBX.

Dorchester businesses rely on their telephone system for all aspects of business from Sales calls to internal communication. If you’re a business in Dorchester that requires a new telephone system an upgrade or support for your current telephone system, give us a call


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