Cloud based Disaster Recovery

Having a cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) solution in place allows a business to be back on its feet within hours of a major event, such as an office fire, flooding or theft. Unlike traditional DR solutions which require considerable investment of time and money, a cloud based DR has no expensive capital investment, low running costs and thanks to virtualisation technology the time it takes to implement a DR solution is fast.

Simple – No complex onsite hardware to setup and configure, just the installation of DR replication software which has a minimal overhead and runs quietly in the background.

Flexible – Many businesses only require DR for a few servers or even just a mission critical application. Whatever you requirements we will work with you to offer the best solution, however big or small.

Accessibility – Your DR system can be accessed from any location with an internet connection. It doesn’t matter if end users are all at a central office or working from different locations.

Cost Effective – Save up to 80% on the cost of a traditional disaster recovery solution with a competitive Pay As You Go plan that offers the ability to expand or reduce you Cloud DR service anytime.

Private Cloud

You Host - You Control
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Most Public Cloud services have a Private Cloud alternative that you fully control on your own systems

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