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Broadstone Windows Server Support | Microsoft Support

Broadstone Windows Server Support

Our Microsoft qualified engineers work with Windows servers in the Broadstone area every day and have a huge amount of experience supporting physical, virtual, cloud hosted and on premise Windows servers.  

Microsoft Server Support

{jb_iconic_arrow}Design, Install and Configuration{/jb_iconic_arrow}
{jb_iconic_arrow}Active Directory, DNS, DHCP{/jb_iconic_arrow}
{jb_iconic_arrow}Day to day server support and pro-active maintenance{/jb_iconic_arrow}
{jb_iconic_arrow}Hardware upgrades{/jb_iconic_arrow}
{jb_iconic_arrow}Server Virtualisation{/jb_iconic_arrow}
{jb_iconic_arrow}Hosted servers in the Cloud{/jb_iconic_arrow}
{jb_iconic_arrow}Disaster recovery & redundancy{/jb_iconic_arrow}
{jb_iconic_arrow}Backup solutions onsite and offsite{/jb_iconic_arrow}
{jb_iconic_arrow}Back office applications Email, CRM, Databases, Hyper-V{/jb_iconic_arrow}
{jb_iconic_arrow}Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2012 and Windows 2016{/jb_iconic_arrow}
{jb_iconic_arrow}Data recovery

Cloud Hosted Servers

Many Broadstone businesses are moving from their own on-site Microsoft servers to Cloud hosted servers for the following reasons:
  • Significantly reduced capital expenditure and ongoing running costs
  • Almost immediate Increase \ decrease of server resources processor, memory, storage etc.
  • Virtualise existing physical servers and run them from the Cloud
  • Enterprise class features – redundancy, disaster recovery, monitoring
  • Improved reliability and stability
  • ‘Greener’ compared to a similar on premise server
Of course, Cloud based servers are not for everyone and many companies prefer to have their servers located in their office where they have complete control over the hardware and the data stored on them. Alternatively, a Hybrid server system can be implemented where Cloud systems complement on premises servers.

Contact us and we can show you how quickly and efficiently a Cloud hosted server can be implemented and the costs that can be saved.

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